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Prepare Yourself for China

by Brian Bailie
ISBN-13: 978-1467935265

Reader reviews:

Full of great tips, essential advice and even humorous personal anecdotes.

Incredible! After a quick read of this exceptionally readable and humorous guide, my anxiety levels about visiting China have all-but hit zero!

Everything I needed to know was there, and written in a no nonsense and often humorous way that appealed to my sense of humour and kept me reading all the way through without a break!

A treasure chest of useful information from a seasoned traveler and experienced businessman.

This book is at times exceptionally witty, nonetheless is highly informative and fills the gaps left by other Travel guides, reassuring those in need of a more personal account.

Prepare Yourself for China

Prepare Yourself for China is the essential survival guide for the serious visitor to East Coast China who wants to hit the ground running, and avoid making the same mistakes that thousands of overconfident and unsuspecting travelers repeat every day of the week due to flawed assumptions and a lack of preparation.

Based on over a decade of doing business in China, the forthright advice is illustrated with dozens of real-life anecdotes from the author and many long-term expats.

Prepare Yourself for China is a candid, straight-talking advice book, which covers not just the usual business protocol do’s and don’ts, but includes indispensable advice for everyday getting about and surviving the daily extraordinary situations that can ruin your trip.


My book has been criticized for being too hard on the Chinese. I'm sorry, but if you want a tourist guide, this isn't it.
In my years of globe-trotting I've found that being prepared for the worst makes everything else easy. I've just written the kind of book I wish I'd been able to read before my first trip to China


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