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Have you got a book to write?

I can help.
I offer a wealth of experience that enables me to write your manuscript and create a book that you will be proud of.

Whether your book is aimed at local, national or international readers, or is intended as a private tribute to remember a special family member, I can write your book on your behalf.

My works have been ranked in best-seller lists, consistently receiving 4-star and 5-star reviews from readers across the world.



What can I do for you?
I can write your book on your behalf.

  • I immerse myself in your experiences and subject matter.
  • I emulate your personality, convincing the reader that my words are your words.
  • And I create engaging content that keeps your readers reading and recommending.

You are the named author.
I am your ghost-writer writing your book for you.
Complete confidentiality ensures that you remain the titled author, and my involvement remains a secret.



What do I write?
I am a published writer of successful non-fiction books.

I write memorable memoirs and autobiographies;
I retell foreign adventures;
I bring to life historical events;
I explain medical, legal and technical topics in plain English;
And I describe business subjects with experienced clarity.



How much does it cost?
It costs you nothing to get in touch to discuss your book.

My fee for writing your book depends on just one factor: time.
I only charge for the time it takes to complete a typescript from the material that you provide me with.

  • I write on your behalf;
  • You pay me for my time.
    • You own the book copyrights;
    • You earn 100% of the book royalties.



Can I assist you with publishing?
Before an agent or publisher will consider your book they will expect to see a synopsis.

The benefits of acquiring a publisher before you write your book are simple:

  • Importantly: you know that you aren't risking a waste of your time and money writing a book that will never get published;
  • Usefully: a publisher may offer you an advance payment that will finance the cost of writing your book.

Your synopsis will convince the publisher that you have a book that will sell successfully, and that you have the ability to write, and that you will be interesting, qualified, and promotable for publicising your book.

The synopsis presentation includes:

  • a compelling cover letter;
  • a strong book title;
  • a full synopsis of your book;
  • a chapter-by-chapter breakdown;
  • a sample chapter;
  • and a brief biography of the author (that’s you).

Each book is different in size and complexity, so it is impossible to estimate the work required to prepare your synopsis presentation.

  • Your synopsis may be between 5,000 and 10,000 words;
  • Your chapter-by-chapter breakdown may be between 500 and 1,000 words per chapter;
  • The sample chapter may be between 2,000 and 5,000 words;
  • And your biography may be between 500 and 2,000 words.

I can write and prepare your synopsis presentation, and the cost of this work can be subtracted from the eventual book-writing fee.




Who am I?
I am Brian Bailie.
I am a broadminded listener with an un-judgemental attitude.

I have worked in a variety of careers across the world from USA to China, and many places in-between; I have experienced a multitude of careers from farmer and factory worker, to celebrated product designer and international company director.
I have acquired a wealth of personal experiences along my journey that bring clarity and authenticity to my writing.
And I love to write.
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Brian Bailie

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