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The Broncle

by Brian Bailie
ISBN-13: 978-1456605780

Reader reviews:

Couldn't put it down. Just checked out the first page but ended up reading until 3am, I just had to finish it.

Family histories, even of strangers, can can give of voyeuristic pleasure. This one is great because it is also an interesting story - betrayal, war, crime, sacrifice, generosity. And all set to the glorious rugged backdrop of Northern Ireland and Isle of Man, images of which jump off the page.

The definition of having skeletons in the closet is to have a dark or embarrassing secrets about their past that they'd prefer to remain undisclosed. When you read this book you will understand the very meaning of this phrase. Riveting

I just couldn't put it down. I read it through till 5am !

The Broncle

A True Story of smuggling, heartbreak, betrayal, adultery, and a lifetime of deception and secrecy.

The problem with discovering your roots: the more digging you do, the dirtier you can get.


The Broncle is a candid account of adoption, and the reunion with an estranged birth-family, describing the confusion of coming to terms with peculiar origins, curious parentage, and a whole new extended family.

Adopted into middle-class urban respectability, but with origins deep in the heart of a dramatic rural landscape, The Broncle is a personal journey of discovery intrinsically linked to the bloody past of Ireland.


This has been a strange journey to write about. And it has been a difficult story to describe in a balanced way that avoids offending my newly discovered and extended other family, because this is their story too

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Several readers have asked to see photographs of the characters and places mentioned in the book :-



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