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Brian Bailie - a brief portfolio

Brian's got a professional profile on Linked In so check it out if that's the kind of information you're looking for.


Aged 17, Brian Bailie started a commercial art business

"I started out making cartoon wall plaques, but within a couple of years I was supplying signage to all the top advertising agencies in the country."

I made hundreds of these pavement signs..........
Butcher pavement signsoldier pavement signice-cream pavement signtravel pavement signcafe pavement sign
Not only were my street signs nice to look at, they were also very sturdy: one even survived a half-tonne bomb in Lurgan town, March 1992, (courtesy of the IRA).
dumb waiter sexy dumb waiter ugly dumb waiter
And I made funny household items,....
custome-painted van
....and did some vehicle custom-painting (mostly motorcycles).





In 1995 Brian Bailie started designing and making furniture

"My clients include Hollywood movie stars, international music stars, TV celebrities, and British nobility."

Brian's world famous children's Funky Furniture was reported to be the best-selling furniture of all time at Harrods, London.
funky furniture toy story bed car bed roommates dresser

You can find Brian's furniture in USA, Canada, China, Australia, New Zealand, Algeria, Belgium, Netherlands, Romania, Singapore, Sweden, well as all over Ireland and UK.

Brian's children's furniture has appeared in dozens of glossy magazines, and has been featured on TV all over the world.


Rosemount kitchen

"I've made lots of kitchens. Clients include British gentry, and TV personalities. The one shown here I made for a big old country house in County Down.

Kitchens are generally boring to make, and tiresome to install. Once you create a couple of kitchens, the rest are unchallenging, the same only different.

Even though making kitchens can be shamefully profitable, if I never make another kitchen, it'll be too soon."

(I never took proper photos of my kitchens: this picture is from a feature article in Country Life.)

In 1999 Brian was elected memberships to the Chartered Society of Designers, and the American Society of Furniture Designers.




In 2003 Brian Bailie established a furniture manufacturing business in China

"I'd been working with a New York business that teamed me up with couple of Texans based in China. When my NY work was completed, I asked these Texans if they'd like to start our own Chinese operation.
DUH Ltd now manufactures a wide variety of products for clients all over the world from our base in Hangzhou, Zhejiang."



"Working in China has been fun. I really love the wide variety of work we're now involved in.

And working with clients all over the world, from start-ups through to big multi-nationals, it's a very rewarding business.

We've sourced and supplied everything from teddy bears, through to ocean-going oil tankers.

If it's made in China we can make it for you: fashion, textiles, electronics, mechanical components, plastics, castings, ceramics,..... (sometimes we even make furniture)."









And then Brian Bailie wrote some books

If you need to know more about any aspect of Brian's work or interests, or want to arrange an interview, please get in touch.


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