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Alzheimer's Timeline

by Brian Bailie
ISBN-13: 978-1456605544

Reader reviews:

I was truly engrossed from the beginning.
A personal story of an illness which leaves sufferers confused and perturbed and their families devastated.
Sad, happy, and truly heartbreaking I thoroughly recommend this book.

This book was written from the heart.
I found it both heartwarming and endearing I just couldn't put it down.
Even when the situation was at it's worst the author was able to use humour.
The format of the book was easy to follow and I found myself connecting with the author.

Simply a most heartbreaking, eye-opening, beautifully crafted work.
The author shows a great depth of understanding in all aspects involved with the tragic demise of his mum, and all with such an open heart to help others in a similar difficult situation
Alzheimers Timeline booko by Brian Bailie

ALZHEIMER’S TIMELINE is a truthful and emotive date-by-date chronicle of the advancement and affects of Alzheimer’s Disease in the family, from first suspicions through to total mental and physical dependency.

Uniquely, the seven chapters helpfully correspond directly to the seven clinical stages of decline with Alzheimer’s, allowing the reader to understand and appreciate the regression by date, diagnosis and episode.

An enlightening and useful insight for other families suffering dementia, ALZHEIMER’S TIMELINE is moving, yet written with humour and genuine empathy that expresses the honest frustrations of the family and sufferer.


This was a very painful book for me to write.
Reliving Mum's disease date by date, event by event, mistake by mistake,.......
But this chronological description of Alzheimer's disease, and the effects it had on Mum and the family, I knew that this was such very valuable information for others also preparing for, or suffering dementia within their own family.
It is written truthfully; it is sad, but it is also funny and farcical, as such things occassionally are....

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