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...and what profit hath he that hath laboured for the wind?
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The Broncle | adoption and reunion
True story of smuggling, heartbreak, betrayal, adultery, and a lifetime of deception and secrecy. A candid account of adoption, and reunion with an estranged birth-family. | | Apple iPad US | Apple iPad UK

Kircubbin (and hereabouts) on the Ards Peninsula
A potted history of this village that sits on the shores of Strangford Lough, uncovering the past of this place, its people, and the events that shaped it. |

the Bible explained Bible Nuts & Bolts | key Bible topics simply explained
Bringing joined-up clarity to key topics and good message of the best-selling book of all time.
Available FREE to download now in eBook format by tapping on this link. |
Alzheimers Timeline Alzheimer's Timeline | a layman's study of dementia in the family
A unique, truthful and emotive date-by-date chronicle of the advancement and affects of Alzheimer’s from first suspicions through to total dependency. | | Apple iPad US | Apple iPad UK
Prepare Yourself for China | the visitor's survival guide to China
Best-selling essential travel advice based on over a decade of business in China, the forthright advice is illustrated with real-life anecdotes from the author and expats. | | Apple iPad US | Apple iPad UK
Raising a Smile | for NI Children's Hospice
A book of humorous stories, prose and cartoons for children of all ages. All profits from Raising a Smile in support of Northern Ireland Children's Hospice | | Apple iPad US | Apple iPad UK
Book by Brian Bailie 成功企业的销售和营销秘笈 | key lessons in business
Mandarin language business advice book for the professional businessperson
, covering most effective proven techniques of successful western business practice. |
ghost-writing Brian Bailie - freelance writer | ghost-writing
Freelance writer of non-fiction copy for autobiographies, memoirs, foreign experiences, and business matters. Best-selling author in field with 4- & 5-star reader ratings.
Autobiographies - Non-Fiction Books - Artist Bios
CV writing CV / Resumé Writing
Professional CVs written to accurately fit the specified criteria of the advertised job vacancy, making you the ideal candidate for the job.
CVs - Resumés - Cover letters
Thos B Bailie | Children's Furniture Design
Creator of some of the best-loved children's furniture in the world. Best-selling furniture designer at Harrods, London; bespoke maker to international celebrities and discerning clients worldwide
Funky Furniture - RoomMates - Lazy Daisy - Bespoke Hardwood Furniture
Brian Bailie - Design Portfolio | brief overview
Brian's portfolio includes commercial street signage, vehicle customisation, bespoke kitchens, bespoke furniture, and a whole bunch of other futile vanity
Kid's Furniture - Street Signage - Bespoke Furniture

for God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil


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